Ultimate Derby Scoreboard
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Welcome to the Ultimate Derby Scoreboard!
Current Version - 3.1.64

What is the Ultimate Derby Scoreboard? Like all the other scoreboards out there it's a labor of love. It's been made by volunteers in their spare time and has been refined over the years from a simple browser based scoreboard, a complex penalty tracking and scoring program, to finally the customizable and simple scoreboard we have today. The niche we fill is the need for a simple to use scoreboard that requires little user training and minimal equipment. 1 computer and 1 projector (or other display device) is all that is needed. The program will scale with your needs though as it can support multiple computers with fully customizable displays and varying controls for multiple users if need be.

To run Ultimate Derby Scoreboard you must have Windows installed and Microsoft .NET Framework 4. If you run office apps like Word or Outlook you probably already have it installed but if not you can download it directly from Microsoft's website HERE. If you're connected to the web while installing UDS it will download it automatically for you.

UPDATE 01/17/13
Upgrade from v3.1.58 to v3.1.64. Changed Master/Slave config and added web based remote control. ...unfortunately these changes aren't represented in the User Manual yet. YOUR PREVIOUS SAVED TEMPLATES WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY WITH THIS NEW VERSION! Email me with any questions