How to Make Your Own Custom Reusable Foldable Bag

custom reusable foldable bag

Unfold Convenience, Embrace Sustainability

Reusable foldable bags are a custom recycle bag  trade shows and online store promotions. They’re lightweight, water resistant, durable and make excellent promotional swag. They’re available in an array of attractive colors and designs and can be imprinted with a custom logo or design. Made from 210D RPET premium polyester, they can be folded flat and stored easily when not in use.

They’re the perfect choice for busy customers who want to carry their belongings around town, to and from the airport or on day trips. They’re also a great option for customers who have a zero-waste lifestyle or who live in cities and towns with bag fees or bans.

Personalized Eco-Consciousness: Promoting Sustainability with Custom Recycle Bags

To make your own reusable tuck-away tote, first cut two pieces of fabric that are the same size and width as the handles, plus a piece that measures 2″ x 10″ for the snap enclosure. Sew the two long pieces together, leaving the rough edge on the bottom of each open to hem (which we’ll do later). Next, pin and sew the sides of the handle to the lining piece, as shown below.

You’re now ready to finish tucking away your new bag! If you like, you can trim off any excess lining material to create a more clean, finished look. Then, if you like, add your custom logo to your tuck-away tote for maximum visibility at all your events and promotional activities!

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