How to Use Social Media Stickers and GIFs to Build Your Brand Awareness and Reach

social media stickers

Stickers/GIFs are a great way to connect social media stickers for business | Vinyl Status with your audience. They are also highly shareable, which helps build your brand awareness and reach!

The use of stickers/GIFs is a trend that emerged in Asia and has now caught on with many people across the world. This is mainly due to the fact that visual communication is much easier and faster than using words when communicating with someone, especially when there’s an emotional aspect involved.

Getting your audience to engage with your content is a challenge for many businesses, but Instagram Stories has a wide range of tools that can help you do this. These include polls, quizzes, emoji slider stickers, and “This or That?” questionnaires.

How to Incorporate Social Media Stickers into Your Social Media Strategy

A Poll Sticker is a great tool for gathering feedback on a new idea, product or service. It can be used to get feedback on a new offering, as well as help you gain insights into what your audience thinks of an existing offer.

Increase Discoverability by Adding Location Stickers: This sticker is an easy way to add your location to a story, which is important for those who may be interested in exploring a new place. It can also be a great tool for increasing the views on a post or even finding new followers as people search for your city or state in the search bar on their phones.

Create a Discount for Your Followers: If your business offers discounts or freebies to people who follow you on social media, it can be a fantastic way to boost engagement. You can add your usernames to stickers you bring to events or trade shows and give them away for free in exchange for following your account on these platforms.

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