Passover Programs – All-Inclusive Packages With Kosher Food and Activities


Passover Programs, which take the stress out of getting kosher for Passover by offering all-inclusive packages with food and activities, are a great alternative to staying home for the holiday. These programs can include everything from sightseeing to beach relaxation, spa treatments, and even skiing.

Some programs also have a wide range of speakers and entertainment throughout the holiday as well as day camp type activities for kids. Many of the all-inclusive models also include a variety of day trips within their package fees, from horseback/camel riding to island cruises to full local Jewish History tours.

Unlocking the Ultimate Passover Experience: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Passover Program

Many of the programs also offer all meals delivered to your private villa as well as 24-hour tea rooms, poolside BBQ’s and boxed lunches for your day trips. Often, the operators bring in their own chefs to ensure the food is kosher and/or work closely with the hotel or resort chef to make sure that all the meals are kosher for Passover. And, they are typically under a mashgiach and/or full Kashrut supervision for the duration of the holiday.

As travel grinds to a halt nationwide and hotels shutter their doors, Passover Programs are being hit hard as organizers try to refund angry customers and kosher caterers shift gears to offload excess product. And, while bigger program operators say they will be around next year, some small companies may not survive this blow.

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