Post-LASIK Surgery Care Instructions

Lasik Queens is important to keep in mind that everyone’s recovery experience is different. Therefore, the tips provided here should not be taken as a substitute for the direct guidance from your surgeon and team.

How do you take care of your eyes after LASIK?

After the procedure, your eyes will be irritated and sensitive to light. You may feel the need to rub your eyes, but it is important not to. Rubbing could make the symptoms worse and prolong the healing process. It is also important to use the eye drops as directed.

You will need to wear a protective eye shield while sleeping for the first few days. You should also avoid showering or swimming until the day after surgery, since getting non-sterile water (like soap, shampoo, or sweat) into your eyes could cause an infection.

LASIK is a safe procedure that produces excellent results. About 9 out of 10 people who have LASIK achieve their desired level of vision without the need for contact lenses or glasses.

If you are considering LASIK, the best way to know if you are a good candidate is to schedule a consultation. Your ophthalmologist will perform an exam to check your health, determine whether you have other eye problems that might affect the outcome of the surgery, and test your current level of vision. If you are not a good candidate for LASIK, your doctor will advise you of alternate options.

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