Protect Your Computer and Network With the Most Advanced Proxy Database


A proxy IP address database acts as a privacy shield between you and the Internet, masking your IP address so that websites cannot trace your location or identity. This feature is helpful when you want to browse sites that are blocked in your region or country, or for online anonymity and security. Proxies also protect your computer and network from hackers.

But criminals also use proxies to hide their activities and commit fraud. They can hide their real identities by using a proxy to make a purchase, then later use a different IP address to change the order information to avoid chargebacks. Proxies and Tor exit nodes are also commonly used to spam marketplaces, forums, blogs and other user generated content sites.

Proxy Power: Building and Leveraging an Effective IP Address Database

The most advanced proxy detection database in the industry, IPQS is updated hourly to provide a comprehensive blocklist of malicious IPs from VPNs, open proxies, data center proxies, residential proxies and Tor exits. With a proprietary detection algorithm and evaluation of actual open proxy usage, the IPQS blacklist has unmatched accuracy without impacting genuine users.

Deploy in just minutes to popular SOAR platforms like Swimlane, Splunk, FireEye, CrowdStrike, Rapid7, and D3 Security, as well as enterprise firewalls from F5, Cisco, Juniper Networks and more. IPQS reputation feeds can be added to your existing tools, with the ability to detect proxies and other suspicious connections with a single query.

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