Review of the MM! Anime

The anime based on the popular light novel MM! starred the wacky character Tarou Sado, a hella masochist who is a god complex. The series is about her quest for love and the obstacles she faces on her way. In the first episode of the anime, she chases Taro with a kendo practice sword.

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The anime has some humorous moments. For example, Mio has been known to pull all kinds of objects out of thin air whenever she is mad at Taro. One episode involves her wearing only glasses. Another episode involves her wearing a very strange outfit that she has created herself. The shounen action parody is quite well done, especially the second half.

Another interesting aspect of the mm! anime is its perversion of masochism. The main character, Taro, suffers a lot of injuries, and often in the same situations. One episode involves an androphobic girl who will scream “I don’t like guys,” and another involves a character who tries to cure masochism.

The story revolves around Taro Sado, a true masochist. He was a classmate of Yuno’s, but is accused of turning him into a masochist. He has a hard time being sexually attracted to his family, but his mother and older sister are both attracted to him. After a while, Taro is forced to cross dress to avoid these situations, and eventually falls in love with the male Tatsukichi.

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