The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD Tinctures

cbd water soluble

As the name suggests, this type of CBD is water soluble. It is created using a proprietary nanotechnology process that breaks apart the tiny oil-filled globules of CBD that are found in a normal cbd oil and turns them into something that can easily be added to any drink. This water-soluble form of cbd allows for the body to absorb it much more quickly than traditional oil-based products.

A study by NextEvo found that water-soluble cbd water soluble can reach the bloodstream up to five times faster than oil-based CBD, and that it may even be three times more effective as well. They also found that CBD bypasses the liver during absorption, reducing its first-pass metabolism and increasing its bioavailability.



CBD Water Soluble: A Breakthrough in Absorption and Bioavailability


CBD works as an allosteric receptor modulator, which means that it can change how a receptor transmits a signal. For example, it reduces anxiety by enhancing the binding affinity of the GABA-A receptor and amplifying its natural calming effect. It also reduces nausea and vomiting by changing the way the NMDA receptor responds to certain neurotransmitters.

Unlike cbd oil, water-soluble tinctures can be used in any drink or food and are completely tasteless. This makes them ideal for adding to smoothies or juices, as well as for vaporizing. When shopping for a quality water-soluble tincture, make sure to look at the lab test results. A reputable CBD company will be able to provide you with the specific results you need, including a list of all the cannabinoids that are contained in their product. A good example is Hemplucid’s tinctures, which include CBC, CBG, and CBDV, in addition to CBD.

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