Waterproof Cover For Hot Tub Pump

If you are worried about your hot tub pump getting damaged by rain then we have a waterproof cover for it. Using a hot tub in the rain is not a problem, however, it is best to keep the water and chemicals in the spa sheltered from the elements after heavy rainfall as rain will dilute the water chemistry. It is also a good idea to do a water test after rain falls to make sure the hot tub ph hasn’t been compromised by the rain.

Having the right waterproof cover for hot tub pump cover for your hot tub is essential to prevent damage from rain and snow. The right cover will seal out the water and snow while still allowing heat to enter and regulate the temperature inside the spa. Most of our covers are made in the USA and come with a full warranty and fast shipping.

Shielding Your Investment: The Importance of a Waterproof Cover for Hot Tub Pumps

It is important to remember that hot tub cover damage is not always caused by weather, but often by the misuse of the cover. A common issue is people (especially children) climbing on the foam which opens the cellular structure of the polystyrene and allows the water to wick into the cover. Keeping the cover away from anyone who may climb on it will extend the life of your hot tub cover.

Another major issue is a sagging cover that has soaked up so much water it can not hold the weight of it. This is a structural failure of the product that can only be fixed by replacing the foam inserts or the entire cover. Quality DuraTherm covers use woven fibers laminated in vinyl and have grommeted drain holes to allow the water to wick off of the cover rather than absorbing it.

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